features 6 frames of footage found in an open market in Paris by artist Angela White, monochrome positive 35 mm, undated, unnamed and so brittle it cracks and shatters to the touch. In surviving and scanned frames, Angela discovers the words, “Die soldaten entdecken win weisses Madchen bei den Indianern.” She translates, “Soldiers discover white Maidens in Indians.”

Also, she discovers the Lubin Manufacturing Company logo. Lubin Manufacturing was started in 1902 by Polish Jewish Immigrant Siegmund Lubin.

SOLDIERS_WHITE_GIRLS_INDIANS shows cowboys, armed with pistols and swords, near teepees in a wooded area. They are going somewhere, and the 6-frame loop shows a moment of their beginning, a beginning that keeps restarting. They begin for eight minutes. A resonator bells. Iron Curtain electronics whistle and spit like shooting stars. various portions of 1000 milliseconds of Bobby Seale speak. Bobby Seale is in prison. He is concerned about American traditions of interracial violence.




April 16, 2017


concern, retrospection, broadcast, rich fragment, close reading, exegesis